Get to know the right angles

you’ve got to know those angles boo.

As a hat person, it’s my theory that hats are for everyone —it’s really just a matter of finding what suits you, which hat shape suits you the most!

How amazing it is to accessorise your outfit with a gorgeous hat, wether its a cap, beanie, beret, porkpy, panama style, floppy straw, fedora or bowler! I have personalise this bowler hat (you can’t see it cause its at the back) with 2 lovely black and white feathers.

To be honest, it’s all about proportion and finding that sweet spot which brings harmony and highlight to the face. If your face is small, I would suggest not to overpower yourself with too wide of a edge and look for something on the shorter to medium side. If your face is large, look for styles with more width like floppy straws type of hats.

If your face is round, the aim is to create length, so something with a tall crown will give you that height you need, look for medium to long brim fedoras, porkpies styles. Avoid anything low to the head and rounded—this will only highlight the roundness.

Anyway, for those looking for the LBD of the hat world, there is a universally gorgeous style : the Panama style – you can never go wrong with that.



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